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CHAPTER 26 SWEETHEART After SR, after Richard, Lois and Superman face an uncertain future because of their past.

Rated T for language, and mature, not adult, themes. AU Twist on Donner/Singer Movieverse: Tie the three films together into a cohesive whole, and provide a more credible and interesting reason for Superman to have returned to Krypton, and of course, more complications when he gets back. Superman is not alone anymore, that is all that matters to Clark.

If you'd like to read the first challenge head over to A03! This is connected to 'Man of Steel: Stolen Moments.' Read that first, if you can! This story will fall between the episode 'Solitude' and the next one 'Falling,' the Red-K episode. There will be angst, tears, heartache, mourning, maybe even a date or two.

Please read and review or a favorite would be nice too. In 'Solitude,' Lucy broke up with James, but in this story, Kara doesn't know quite yet. Her true identity is a secret but not to James Olsen. Westallen in the weeks and months ahead will have a lot to work through, hoping to build an honest and long-lasting relationship. Suppose Barry leaped into the future for the first time in the Season One finale? Written for the Westallen 'prompt' Week - Day #6 - Time Travel.

Note: In this AU story, the last three episodes of the series did not happen. Lois and Clark have only a few minutes to say their goodbyes. Clark had witnessed the kiss on the rooftop, what would be his reaction? This story picks up right after my multi-chapter story "Different." In this story Lex and Lana have returned to Smallville, but for what purpose.

This one-shot is set that first night after Clark had left Earth forever. Ok, I saw the movie and they definitely needed more scenes together to flesh out those simmering emotions. And later, the events of that day continue to affect their lives in profound and unexpected ways. And later, as memories from the past come to light, everything Clois has believed will be challenged. This story picks up right after the episode Charade 9.18 and continues through the S9 finale. After returning from their honeymoon, Clark and Lois try to deal with the aftermath of the reveal.

NOTE CHAPTER 3 IS A SYNOPSIS of the prior All Is Well Series that this story follows. It has been a while since I've written anything, but I hope you enjoy it. And now, the third story begins with a much-needed vacation (a flashback), and continues in present time with an unplanned pregnancy, wedding plans, and threats that loom over all their lives.

Superman's childhood nightmare comes true and Lois Lane is swept along with him. Warning: Justice League spoilers and speculation ahead.

The story continues with more adventures in Gotham City also meeting Bruce Wayne. Batman v Superman (2016), also a sequel to Man of Steel: A Risk Worth Taking. Lois could not decide whether to ask him out or bombard him with questions. (AU) Tess Luthor and Oliver Queen meet again under unique circumstances. After Clark's incredibly hectic first day, Lois and Clark finally get a chance to talk. This is a story about redemption, so I'm going to ask my readers not to put this Clois in a mold (Clark Luthor/Alt: Lois Lane).Written for the Westallen 'Prompt' Week on Tumblr (Jan. Maybe the producers felt we needed it or something. Iris and Barry's friendship takes on a new dimension, much to the dismay of her Father.Anyway, Episode 1.15 will have a Westallen 'first kiss.' I'm sure everyone is wondering about the context of the kiss; why they kissed and what led up to it. Also written for the Westallen 'Prompt' Week: Day #3 - Firsts. This story and chapters to follow will basically be a re-write of the episode (mostly Westallen) with missing scenes and flashbacks and/or flashforwards. There will probably be spoilers of prior events and upcoming or current episodes, so be warned.While in Paris, they were 'papped' together and now there are rumors that they're dating. You could look at this as a companion to that story, but you don't have to read that to know what's happening, but don't let me stop you! Well, readers, this is the last day and the last fiction for this challenge.Westallen 'prompt' Week will end today - Day #7 – Smut or Anything else; that seems appropriate. But speaking of porn, I will have another Barry and Iris fiction for a different challenge (Porn Battle XVI) next month. In this AU story, Iris is a cop, but also she's in love with her childhood crush Barry Allen. *Spoilers* Late last night, on-set photos were leaked onto the Internet.

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