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Hi all, Another foodie question - does anyone know where I can get Irish brands in Switzerland? I know that Globus had an Irish range last including Brodrick's Brother's cakes and other items year but now I can only see Keogh's crisps and Irish whiskey on their site.

Known as the crisp-lover's crisp, King crisps are stupendous, boasting a unique taste that they somewhat annoyingly chalk down to a "secret ingredient". We decided to take it upon ourselves to rank, from absolutely shocking to wholly life-changing, the sandwich worthy crisps of the world. A niche sandwich filler, but a sandwich filler nonetheless.We are fully aware that this debate could divide families, friendships and lovers, but we believe it's all worth it in the name of crisps. The go-to treat for some people's midnight snacks, but the general consensus is that this combination should never see the light of day. Not to mention that the Banshee Bones bag art is petrifying, and you just don't need that.Yet these potato curls lack a certain sandwich-able ability in that, when chewed, they have the texture of wet soil.A true hangover dream for when all you need are foods in the colours yellow and beige. They fall-down is that their bacon flavour is questionable, and you can't deny the raging aftertaste you will experience for several days following.

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