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See more » When wearing her normal green dress, Marge wears a red necklace.However, often she is shown for a single frame or two wearing a white one (generally this happens in close-up shots of her head.) This happens in numerous episodes.He has now morphed into a super-annoying, always in-your-face kind of moron. As for the other characters, Marge has become as morally bankrupt as Homer and is not likable either.Lisa, always a weak character, is now a little spokesperson for the Democratic Party. Bart has become less of a creative troublemaker, and is now more of a wimpy sidekick to Homer.Sinopse: Depois de desenhos não convencionais como Os Simpsons, Uma Família da Pesada, South Park e Futurama, chegou a vez de… Além dessas criaturas, Lilly ainda tem que lidar com sua chefe e namorada, um demônio (não é sentido figurado), seu colega de quarto zumbi, além de um feiticeiro idoso e bêbado.As situações que se seguem são muito divertidas, com Homer sendo sequestrado e levado para a Amazônia, Marge sendo assaltada por trombadinhas enquanto faz compras na feira e outras situações absurdas com a família.

There is the constant, unnecessary use of blood and gore (Homer seems to always be cutting off something, and we are supposed to think it's funny).

Also, the gratuitous use of guest stars is sickening.

They are never funny, and serve only to promote and glorify themselves.

Not all of these variations have been included in syndicated versions of the episodes.

See more » For the first 8 seasons or so that it was on the air, "The Simpsons" was one of the greatest television shows of all time.

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