Validating yourself

However, if you already know the basic concepts, you can skip to the next section.

Miracles of Mindbody Medicine It all starts with acceptance.

And let’s face it, normal doesn’t exactly give us butterflies.

But since we have more normal days than not, we might as well learn to love them.

So here are 21 ways to make it happen when it feels like nothing is happening.

Even after reading the books, seeing yourself on every page, and even possibly getting confirmation from a physician, some of you may still be struggling to fully accept (both intellectually and on a gut level) that your pain is generated psychologically.

The following clip is a talk I gave at the 2012 TMS conference. Etc.) (The talk was geared toward psychologists, so feel free to disregard any terms you’re unfamiliar with.

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There’s nothing like the thrill of happy chemicals rushing through our body each time we experience something fantastic.

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